Author Topic: When will someone tell our unelected Prime Minister she's undemocratic?  (Read 826 times)


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In her Party Speech Theresa May cast Remainers as undemocratic

When will someone tell this Prime Minister that she was unelected?

When will someone tell this Prime Minister that she and the three Brexiteers with UKIP with lies of £billions going to fund the NHS have hijacked democracy and made a cynical mockery of the democratic process?

Will it only dawn on them that they have brought the country to its knees? When one takes away the people seduced by the NHS promise, the referendum was invalid and those who have hi-jacked the process to force Brexit upon us are taking the country low and lower
and seeing the superwealthy in the country, who do no harm in residing in England, fleeing to Switzerland and America.

Will it be only when we see a broken Britain that these imposters who have claimed power will be brought to justice and be seen in contempt?

Where is the opposition?

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