Author Topic: Those who wanted Brexit now being hit by rising prices - and the rest of us too.  (Read 1895 times)


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Email from a business supplier:
The Impact Of Brexit & Other Stuff!
You may recall we informed you that manufacturers/importers would be forced to implement price rises following our planned exit from Europe. Regrettably and understandably this has now started to happen. With Sterling hitting its lowest level against the Dollar for over 30 years, and existing stock dwindling, the need to import increases.

Many of our suppliers have sent us notification of imminent and in some cases immediate price rises. The average increase we are seeing are in the region of 12.5%. We feel it's only right to let you know what's happening in our industry so you can plan accordingly. With over 85% of the products we buy being imported from USA and the Far East, every one of us will at some stage be affected in some way or another.

Due to our stock holding, we haven't passed on any price increases to any of our retail customers, and believe we should be able to hold our prices for the remainder of 2016. BUT please be aware we strongly believe that increases of 10% to 20% will happen in early 2017, even if Donald Trump becomes President!

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