Author Topic: Theresa May forgot . . . The People Have Spoken  (Read 2747 times)


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Theresa May forgot . . . The People Have Spoken
« on: June 10, 2017, 11:57:38 PM »
Oh yes . . . We Changed Our Minds for certain.

In her surety that "The People Have Spoken" Theresa May forgot that the margin was so very small in favour of Brexit . . . that she might have expected an election which everybody knew for her was about Brexit . . . to be a matter of a very slender margin.

She'd forgotten that of the slender numbers giving her a mandate for Brexit many had voted for Brexit to deliver 350M per week to the NHS only to discover that Brexit would lose us much more, to say nothing of the cost of all the lawyers sorting it all out. She'd forgotten in her Manifesto to include 350M per week for the NHS. How could she expect to win having forgotten the promise made to the electorate? She certainly didn't set out the wonderful benefits that she was intending to deliver as a result of delivering Brexit.

Her silence about her plans wasn't wisdom. It was emptiness. Championing the Democracy of the Referendum she's still in Downing Street having democratically lost her election. And she still hasn't told us what a wonderful life she expects to create for the country outside Europe.

Having been so simple as to have believed she could win the Brexit mandate on an election in which she didn't set out her Brexit plans, how can anyone so unintelligent be trusted to negotiate anything, let alone a beneficial Brexit?

It's now nearly a year since the Referendum. Has anyone yet carried out the Cost Benefit analysis of what a good Brexit will bring? Nearly a year on has anyone any clue as to what good will result from Brexit?

On that basis shouldn't Brexit be kicked over the White Cliffs of Dover?

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